iOS 15 Image Now Available. Finally.

Better late than never, I suppose.

It’s been a long time coming, but I am happy to announce an iOS 15 public image with documentation is now available for download. I was waiting for a publically available jailbreak to create this image, and while I know palera1n is available, I opted to just use tools I had at my disposal to extract the data.

This image is slightly different than previous iOS images on two fronts. First, the extraction does not contain an Apple Watch. I was unable to setup an AppleWatch with the phone while on iOS 15, but there is health data in the image by way of Garmin and Fitbit. Second is the extraction structure of the non-Cellebrite version. Inside of the file iOS_15_Public_Image.tar.gz there are multiple folders that contains the file system (including the keychain).

In addition to the Cellebrite and non-Cellebrite versions, there is also a Cellebrite Reader version, an encrypted backup, and a set of sysdiagnose logs. All files can be found here (hosted by Digital Corpora). If you want to take a look at what is in it before you download the whole thing you can find the accompanying document here. Compressed, the extractions and Cellebrite Reader version are around 15 gigabytes in size, and decompressed around 30 gigabytes. For decompression I recommend 7-zip for Windows users and Keka for those that are on Macs.

***Please do not attempt to download any cloud data from any of the apps in the image. If you want cloud data please contact me directly to discuss.***

As always, this image is freely available to anyone who wants it for training, education, testing, or research. If you do link, please link to this page and not the image URL as I will be moving this data over to Digital Corpora in the near future. The image has been migrated to Digital Corpora.

Now, you may be asking yourself a certain question, and the answer is “Yes, it is coming soon.”

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  1. Can you please walk me trough the decoding of data without using Cellebrite

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