Android 12 Image Now Available!

I am happy to announce an Android 12 image with documentation is now publically available for download.

This image contains 64 third party apps, all with varying levels (none to a lot) of data generated within.  All of the hits are there, along with some notable additions:  MEGA, Clubhouse, Waze, Calculator (Sgallery), Tracker Detector (for Apple AirTags), AllTrails, and Gab (as a web app).  You can get a complete listing from the documentation.

The image comes in two formats, a .TAR file and Cellebrite UFED extraction.  Each version comes with its own documentation.  Google Takeout data is also included in the data set.

The image is large, ranging between ~23 gigabytes (UFED) and ~25 gigabytes (TAR file) in size, uncompressed.  The downloads are compressed but are still ~8 (Cellebrite Reader), ~15.2 (TAR), and ~15.5 (UFED) gigabytes.  Be prepared to kick off your download and walk away for a while.  I strongly recommend decompressing each file with 7-Zip or Keka.

The data has been migrated to Digital Corpora.  You can find everything here.

Hash values for the image are included in the respective documentation.

Please do not attempt to download any cloud data from any of the apps in the image.  If you want cloud data please contact me directly to discuss.

As always, these images are freely availble to anyone who wants them for training, education, testing or research.  If you do link, please link to this page and not the image URL.

This is likely my last blog post of the year.  I want to thank everyone that has read any of the posts this year, and wish everyone Happy Holidays and New Year!

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