New Android Image Available. This One Goes to 11!

I am happy to announce a new Android image, Android 11, is now available for download.

This image contains the same apps as the Android 10 image, plus a few new ones: Apple Music, Brave (browser), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. There is also three weeks worth of health data from FitBit, Garmin Connect, and Google Fit which was generated using a FitBit Charge 3, a Garmin Forerunner 35, and a TicWatch E2 with WearOS, respectively.  It also contains a second user account with a couple of apps and a small amount of activity.

For a complete listing of apps, see the documentation.

There are two changes in the documentation:

1.  Dates in timestamps are now recorded in yyyy-mm-dd format.  Time is recorded the same as before (hh:mm, 24-hour).

2. Descriptors for transferred (sent, received, downloaded) pictures and videos. When a picture or video is transferred, a brief descriptor of the media is included (typically a few words).  This enhancement is based on feedback from the Android 10 and iOS 13 images.

The images and documentation can be downloaded as a single .zip file from here (MediaFire).  The file is large, coming in at just under 11 gigabytes.

Once downloaded, unzip and there will be three folders:  Extraction, Extraction Info, and SMS Messages, along with the image documentation.  The image is a .tar file, which can be ingested by most forensic tools.  It can also be uncompressed using utilities such as 7-Zip (do not use Windows’ native tool).  However, if you decompress in a Windows environment, you will receive a substantial amount of errors related to symbolic and hard links, but the folder structure can still be navigated using Windows Explorer.

As always, this image is freely available to anyone who wants it for training, education, testing, or research.

If you do link, please link to this page and not the image URLs as I will eventually be moving the image to a more permanent home.

Enjoy.  🙂

Android 11 Image with

MD5:  42fabd2c5933010e3e7322d192a21048
SHA1:  ab470260430dd25e68e01592b78e6a1432675f8e
SHA256:  f367c104314b2496426942284f146d47a3910a21ebe46ce0279625fcee5df724

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