Android 10 Image Now Available!

Continuing the series from last year, I am making publicly available an image of an Android 10 device, which was created using a rooted Pixel 3. For those who may not know, there have been some major changes in the partition layout in Android 10. These changes affect the Pixel 3 & 4 series and new phones that ship with Android 10, but not necessarily those phones that upgrade to 10 from a previous version. You can read about the changes here. This new layout prevented me from getting an overall image of the device, so hopefully a file system extraction will suffice.

This image contains a lot of the same apps as the previous images, along with a few new ones: Discord, Imgur, MeWe, TorBrowser, and Venmo. There is also a second user profile on the device with its own apps and a small amount of activity. As always, documentation comes with the image.  An Excel spreadsheet is also included that contains SMS data.

There are two versions of the same extraction.  The first version is the extraction as it came from Cellebrite UFED 4PC (in the folder Cellebrite Extraction).  The .ufd file is included with the extraction.  

The second version is for those that may not be able to ingest the Cellebrite extraction.  It is in a .zip folder (in the folder Non-Cellebrite Extraction).  It was created by using 7-Zip to decompress the Cellebrite .z archive files and the Cellebrite .zip file.  During the decompression there were 44 errors, but the errors were on a few .vdex, .tmp, and a couple of .jpg asset files, so nothing major.  To test it, I imported the .zip file into Physical Analyzer, version 7.29.0, and things worked just fine.  The data is there for examination and testing.  

As always, this image is freely available to anyone who wants it for training, education, testing, or research.

Please note the images and related materials are hosted by Digital Corpora.  You can find everything here.  

MD5:  32ba185a08b7c6abf1dab9a06e939cae
SHA1:  9ebf88b4673146e19c17069ab1b99dba4c889e53
SHA256:  fc123698689dfeed275cfe86b4a1ea8ba9dca0256fe59388b8a59590a3eff5bb

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  1. Are you being sent to the Digital Corpora website? They are hosted there now. I just tried it and it worked correctly.

  2. Hey it looks like the link is down, keep getting a 404 error trying to download the image. Any chance you could reupload it?

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