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Welcome.  After reading other digital forensic blogs over the past couple of years I decided to start my own.  I have gained a lot by reading research done by others, so I thought it would only be right to give back to the digital forensic community.

I work in the private sector, so I will be limiting identifying information about me or my organization.  If you’re able to figure out who I am that’s fine.  Just know that I will actively try to not put anything identifying in here, although that may not be possible at times.  The posts will focus on the forensics.

A bit about me:  I came to the private sector from the government where I managed a digital forensics lab in an ISO 17025 environment.  In addition to all of the managerial duties, I was also responsible for technical operations and carried a full caseload.  Prior to that I was chasing bad folks around the Internet for the government.

My vision for this blog is a small one.  I hold a full-time job and have a family.  I am aiming for one post a month, but there may be more or less depending on life.

Again, welcome, and thank you for taking time to read the posts.  I welcome feedback, regardless if it is positive or negative.  If you see something that is inaccurate please let me know so I can correct whatever it is that you see.  I do not want to proliferate bad information to the DF community.